Apple’s Vision Pro Headset Sells Out in Just 10 Days, Garnering 200,000 Pre-Orders

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According to a source, Apple sold out of its first batch of Apple’s Vision Pro headsets in just ten days, with users grabbing up about 200,000 of the devices.

The technology news website MacRumors stated that Apple began accepting pre-orders for its $3,500 virtual reality helmet from clients in the United States on January 19, citing a source with knowledge of the situation.

On Friday, the company’s retail locations intend to start selling the headset.

Based on pre-order inventory levels, TF International Securities analyst Min-Chi Kuo—who is known for having extensive knowledge of Apple’s supply chain—estimated that the company would sell 160,000 to 180,000 Vision Pro headsets.

Kuo stated in a blog post that he thought the Vision Pro would continue to appeal to Apple’s devoted customer base by remaining a specialised product.

Apple has revealed that more than a million apps created for the iPhone and iPad will be supported by the operating system of smart eyewear.

Pre-orders opened more than ten days ago, but in order to make sure the goggles fit properly, shoppers must visit a physical store. Simple hand motions and eye movements can be used to control these eyewear.

Though virtual reality headsets from companies like Meta Platforms haven’t been very successful in the mainstream, many industry experts believe Apple has the potential to expand the use of VR beyond gamers and tech enthusiasts.

The media, who were able to test the Vision Pro in closely supervised demonstrations overseen by Apple, has already given it generally positive reviews; however, given the device’s price tag, it is likely that relatively few units will be sold during its first year of availability.

The tech giant’s most recent release, which was made public yesterday, may open the door for more reasonably priced alternatives and increase its market share.

The Vision Pro costs seven times as much as the Quest 3, the most recent virtual reality headset from Meta.

Apple added the capability to record 3-D recordings that can be viewed through goggles on its most recent high-end iPhones, the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, suggesting that the corporation hopes the Vision Pro will open up new markets.

These videos’ realistic graphics evoke a feeling of immersion in the viewer, giving the impression that the people and objects are really there in the same room as them.

After a slight decline in revenue in its most recent fiscal year, which ended in September, Apple is looking to boost its sales performance.

Apple maintained its remarkable revenue stream despite the obstacles, with sales hitting $383 billion. With the iPhone making up more than half of the total, it was still a major contribution.

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