Close Encounter: Newly Discovered Asteroid 2019 KK5 Set to Pass Earth Today

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Asteroid 2019 KK5: In the first 2 days of 2024, there have been numerous instances of asteroids coming close to Earth, and this pattern is expected to continue today. According to the Centre for Near-Earth Object Researches (CNEOS), a asteroid is anticipated to go by Earth at a fairly close range on January 3.

When NASA’s telescopes track a big-new Near-Earth Asteroid (NEA), astronomers tape its observed positions in the sky and share this info with the Minor planet Center. The information collected is after that made use of by the Center for Near-Earth Object Research Studies (CNEOS), with the help of NASA, to figure out the most potential orbit of the asteroid around the Sun. With this process, we have the ability to gather info concerning Asteroid 2019 KK5, such as its rate, dimension, and exactly how close it will certainly involve Planet.

Newly Discovered Asteroid 2019 KK5: What You Required to Know

Asteroid 2019 KK5, as designated by NASA’s Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), is set to make a close approach to Earth today, passing our world at a distance of just 4 million kilometers. This near-Earth asteroid is moving at a rapid pace, with a velocity of 75328 kilometers per hour, which is dramatically faster than the rate of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs). However, NASA ensures us that in spite of its closeness, the planet will not affect Planet.

Part of the Near-Earth Asteroids referred to as the Apollo group, this celestial object has a semi-major axis larger than Earth’s. These space rocks are described as Apollo asteroids in honor of the enormous 1862 apollo asteroid, which was first identified by Karl Reinmuth, a German astronomer, during the 1930s.

What is the dimension of the asteroid?

Asteroid 2019 KK5 has not been categorized by NASA as a Potentially Harmful Asteroid. This category is reserved for celestial objects that are larger than 492 feet and come within a range of 7.5 million kilometers from Planet Earth. Considering That Asteroid 2019 KK5 does not satisfy these standards, it is not concidered possibly dangerous. In regards to its size, the asteroid is around 310 feet vast, which is comparable to the size of a big building.

Asteroid 2019 KK5 had its closest approach to Planet on September 19, 1934, when it came within 67 million kilometers of our planet. NASA does not predict that the asteroid will certainly make an additional close method to Earth in the future.

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