Google’s Pixel Phones Set to Revolutionize Touch Sensitivity with New Flexible Touch Function

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Google’s Pixel phones last year’s Pixel 8 collection offers an exclusive screen protector detector feature. This advanced feature detects when a screen guard is put on or removed from the Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro mobile and alerts individuals to make it possible for or disable display guard setting accordingly.

Google Pixel Phones

Now, the search giant is suposedly getting ready to introduce a brand-new flexible touch function to Pixel mobile phones. This center is anticipated to instantly readjust display touch sensitivity based on the environmental conditions and activities of individuals. Reference concerning the function was allegedly spotted on Android 14 QPR3 Beta 1.

As per a report by Android Cops, proof of the flexible touch function was found in the code strings of the latest Android 14 QPR3 Beta 1 release. According to the strings, the flexible touch function will reportedly readjust the touch sensitivity of the mobile instantly based upon the customer’s setting, tasks, and display protector.

The report suggests that while the strings do not clearly discuss environmental factors or tasks that would alter touch sensitivity, Pixel tools might still readjust display touch sensitivity immediately based on external problems, such as rainfall or chilly temperature levels, along with individual tasks like swimming. Additionally, the mention of a screen protector could be related to the existing screen protector detection attribute found on Pixel 8 tools.

Furthermore, according to the record, when the new functionality becomes available on Pixel phones, users will certainly be able to discover the Flexible Touch toggle in the Settings application by browsing to Show > Touch Sensitivity. This attribute is prepared for to improve the total individual experience.

As discussed, Google is currently supplying the screen protector detector feature exclusively for the Pixel 8 series. This caperbility finds when the user includes or gets rid of a screen guard from the mobile. Upon connecting a screen guard, it will certainly send out a notification motivating the individual to enable the display guard mode to increase the touch sensitivity.

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