NASA’s Close Encounter: Asteroid 2024 CK1 to Zoom Past Earth at 43,000 km/h!

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NASA uses its innovative room and ground-based telescopes such as the NEOWISE telescope, Pans-STARRS1, and Catalina Skies Study to watch on planets that have the potential to endanger Planet. Utilizing this sophisticated tech, the US Room Agency has clarified a planet thgat is set to pass Earth at a distance that is even closer than the Moon today, February 8. Know its speed, size, distance of approach, and various other information, based on the US Room Firm.

Asteroid 2024 CK1: Information

The asteroid, designated Asteroid 2024 CK1 by NASA’s CNEOS, is speeding in the direction of Planet at an amazing speed of 43411 km/h, outpacing an ICBM. NASA predicts that the planet will pass by Earth at an extremely close range of roughly 228,000 kilometres today, which is even closer than the Moon’s orbit of 384,000 km.

While this planet will go by such a close distance, it isn’t large enough to cause panic or any kind of prospective damages. According to NASA, the planet is merely 15 feet wide, making it virtually as large as an auto. Consequently, it has not been identified as a ‘Possibly Hazardous Item’. These are area objects that are bigger than 492 feet and pass the earth within 7.5 million kilometers.

This celestial object belongs to the Near-EArth Asteroids from the Beauty classification. These specific space rocks have orbits that intersect with that of Planet and have semi-major axes more than Planet’s. They are called after the enormous Apollo asteroid discovered in the 1930s by Karl Reinmuth, a German astronomer.

Asteroid 2024 CK1 has had a background of approaching PLanet, iwth its latest pass taking place on June 21, 2014, when it came within 53 million kilometers of the planet. This is not the asteroid’s first experience with Planet, adn it is not expected to make an additional close approach in the near future.

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