NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Goes Offline Due to Gyro Problem

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NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope experienced glitch in its hardware and now Hubble Telescope is in offline state. NASA detects the problem, it is gyro problem. One of the telescope’s three operational gyros, which are used to control Hubble Telescope direction in space. Due to failure in gyro, telescope can’t be able to point the focus on object which trying to capture. After detection of gyro problem, telescope automatically goes in to a safe mode in which it performs only important task to prevent further damage.

This is not the first time that Hubble Telescope faced such type of problem. Kn November 21 telescope experienced gyro problem but then NASA fixed problem and started science program even after fixing on November 23 NASA faced same problem. Then it entered safe mode due to an ongoing gyroscope issue. NASA said that he Hubble Telescope instrument are stable and is in good health.

Three gyro instrument which are present on telescope, measure the telescope turn rates and that determines which direction the Hubble is pointed. Now telescope is in offline mode and waiting for next direction from the ground.

Hubble Telescope
Astronaut F. Story Musgrave works in the space shuttle Endeavour’s cargo bay while the solar array panels on the Hubble Space Telescope are deployed during the final Servicing Mission 1 spacewalk. NASA

Space agency running various experiments to spot the issue and development its solution. If possible the spacecraft can be re-configured to operate with only one gyro. Hubble telescope has capacity to work on only one gyro, said by NASA.

Hubble Telescope had 6 new gyros installed during 5th and final shuttle servicing mission in 2009. But now only three of those gyros remain operational including the gairon currently experience in fluctuations.

Telescope launched in 1990 has been observing the universe for more than 3 decades and on December 2 Hubble Telescope 30th anniversary. From last 33 years Hubble Telescope sending us beautiful images of the universe.

NASA anticipates Hubble will continue making groundbreaking discoveries, working with other observatories, such as the agency’s James Webb Space Telescope, throughout this decade and possibly into the next.

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