HMD Worldwide Set to Launch Its Own Line of Smartphones, Marking the End of Nokia Branded Devices

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The company HMD Global, which has been making handsets under the Nokia name for the past seven years, intends to launch its own range of products under the HMD moniker. This move probably means that cellphones with the Nokia brand are going away.

Presently, HMD is dropping clues about what’s to come in terms of products, such as changing the website address and user ID for the X service. The first smartphone bearing the HMD name is scheduled to launch during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona in 2024. has replaced as the website. The company has transitioned, as seen by the change in its X ID from @nokiamobile to @HMDglobal. The official HMD website states that new collaborations will enable them to launch phones under the new HMD brand.

According to the website, “We are planning to offer more, including original HMD devices and phones from new partnerships, but we are also continuing to produce Nokia smartphones and dumbphones.” There will be feature phones, tablets, and smartphones in the product lineup.

A teaser film that highlights the meaning of the word HMD, which stands for Human Mobile Devices, was posted on the website of HMD Global. The video claims that HMD is known for producing Nokia phones.

Following Microsoft’s ten-year agreement to give up its rights to the Nokia brand, HMD Global was established in 2016. The Nokia 6 was then made available as the first smartphone from HMD Global in 2017.

The first smartphone from HMD to feature a head-mounted display (HMD) is currently unknown in terms of release date and name. The gadget, codenamed N159V, has a dual back camera arrangement with a 108-megapixel primary sensor and optical image stabilisation (OIS), according to earlier leaks.

It is anticipated to come with plastic frames and come in black and cyan colour options. It is anticipated that the smartphone would be launched during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona during the final week of February. It’s also anticipated that Nokia phones and the HMD brand will continue to coexist.

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